For the Love of Hot Chocolate

February 23, 2018 | Ivy Publications

Throughout the month of February, hot chocolate lovers can warm up with a different decadent flavor of the rich drink each day at the European-inspired MarieBette Café and Bakery.

Hot chocolate originated in Mexico and was originally served cold. It was made by mixing hand ground cocoa seeds with water and a few other ingredients, including chili peppers. After cocoa beans were imported to Europe, the drink evolved to being served hot and without chili peppers. Today, no longer a bitter drink, hot chocolate is served in various sweet styles and is a local delight at places around Charlottesville, like MarieBette, where you can enjoy a rich, hot cup with soft fresh-made marshmallows.

However, MarieBette is taking their hot chocolate to the next level this month by incorporating unique ingredients each day, from peppermint to lemon peel. Just take a look at this indulgent S’mores hot chocolate served on February 6 (below). Scroll on for a full list of the gourmet flavors you can expect throughout the rest of the month, and experience this fresh take on hot chocolate!

February 21: Violet

February 22: Roasted Banana

February 23: Raspberry

February 24: Orange Peel

February 25: Dark Cherry

February 26: White Chocolate Cardamom

February 27: Moroccan Spice

February 28: Passion Fruit

For more information about this delightful local bakery, click here to see their feature in Charlottesville Wine & Country Living.

*Photos courtesy of MarieBette Café and Bakery

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