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Buying a Farm in the Charlottesville Area

March 22, 2016 | Ivy Publications

By Gayle Harvey of Gayle Harvey Real Estate

Identifying the right farm property for your needs could be one of the most important decisions of your life. With Gayle Harvey Real Estate, “you’ll have access to the full complement of farm listings in the area from Culpeper in the north to Amherst in the south, and from Louisa in the east to Rockbridge and Augusta Counties in the west.” 

Georgian House Gayle Harvey

The area around Charlottesville is extremely desirable for agricultural ventures, in part because of the ideal growing conditions and partly thanks to the ready-made market of local restaurants and grocery purveyors who emphasize locally-sourced products and farm-to-table dining. In a history that dates back to early Colonial days, “there’s probably never been a better time than now to be a farmer in Virginia: there’s both plenty of land available and a growing, eager customer base.”


Central Virginia’s climate and topography is ideal for any agricultural specialty. Want to raise livestock? Cattle, sheep, horses and more exotic animals love the lush, open pastures and abundant waters; there are a number of prize-winning operations already located here. For more horticulturalists, the fertile soils, relatively mild climate and choice of elevations let you pick a perfect locations for every crop—from vegetables, grains or fruits.


Distribution is easy in Central Virginia as well. One interesting option is community supported agriculture (CSA), which lets you sell directly to consumers. Another is the Local Food Hub, “a non-profit organization that connects Virginia farmers with distributors, schools and restaurants who want ultra-fresh local food while offering farmers support services and pre-harvest revenues.”


If you’re thinking about buying a farm in central Virginia, you’ve made a wise choice in considering one of the most versatile, multi-faceted agricultural regions in the nation. Now all it takes is fine-tuning your vision and selecting the plot of land that will make that vision a reality. “And you don’t have to do it alone.” —Gayle Harvey Real Estate

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